Thursday, January 24, 2008

Note to self...

You want to know a little secret? Lean in real close.. and I got a doozie for you... I CHEATED! I scrapped this page last night. Eek.. don't tell! If you must know. I want to get a couple of pages ahead. This weekend is bound to be busy like the last one, and I barely got my pages done on time. My goal is to do two pages today. But, I'm struggling, nothing seems to inspire me today.

One would imagine, that doing 3"x5" pages would be easy to create for this Layout A Day challenge at BPS. But, oh contraire... it's the creator that couldn't rub two primas together, and create a decent page. You'd think that a girl with my many talents (bwahahah) and endless scrap stash could just whip these pages out... but again.. not so much.

Today's page was a bit of a struggle to complete. It didn't come out at all how I planned. Then again, I didn't pre-think what I was going to do, I just winged it. I think you can tell!

Mr. Mojo.. where are you? I think he's seeing another girl on the side. Come on.. fess up.. which one of you took my man?

Well, in the mean time. I've got some cyber shopping to do! See ya in the check-out lines girls!!

LOAD #24

Journaling reads: So many supplies, so little inspiration.. buy, more maybe it will help!


  1. Hey Annie,

    I have no idea why you say Mr. Mojo isn't around.. I love your scrap style...And your sense of humor that I see in most LO's and in your blog...I really like the LO with your DH's hands... I feel the same way, "Most of the time". Tee Hee....And the cut out heart is a cute idea.... Keep the LO's acomin.....Sometimes I have to do a LO for Load in a couple hours... And that includes the upload time, which takes at least 1 hour to accomplish.....

    Pattie's passion

  2. Oh, it's cute... and I love the "buy more..." yep, that's my new motto! (as if it wasn't before! LOL!!)

  3. Looks great and has me supplies always help!

    ;) Have a great day!

  4. Hey girlie...LOVE the NOTE TO more stuff! WORDS TO LIVE BY!

    Love ya!