Monday, January 21, 2008

My Favorite Place on Earth

This entire weekend has been a marathon of activity. Between kids sports, and family fun, I haven't been home except to sleep. Around 8 pm Sunday, I realized I hadn't scrapped my daily page. Panicked I struggled to come up with something that motivated me yesterday. Other than the thought of immanent sleep.. I came up empty. Until I got caught a glimpse of my husbands hand. Blamo.. instant inspiration. OK. So, my page is basic. But, it's the journaling that I focused on.

Journaling on the back reads: I just love your hands. Being in them is my favorite place on earth. I have found my most peaceful moments have been when I'm in them. Through all our good and difficult times together, they have always been my place for comfort. My true home.

** A little side note** Originally I wanted a ghosted heart in hubs hands. But, I couldn't figure out how to attach them. I then moved on to a fingerprint heart on top of the clear page. Unfortunately, the red Stazon didn't look so good and I don't have pink Stazon in my stash. (Guess what I'm buying this week? )

Frustrated, and in a hurry, I just cut the heart out. And.. wa-la... heart window. Effective non embellishment.


  1. ooo! fabulous! i love it!! that turned out really cool!!!

  2. So, your page is embellised with the ghost of a ghost heart.

    Cool! :D

  3. OMG, I was looking at my husband's hands last night and thinking I need to take a picture of them, too. Love the idea of the ghost heart.