Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm back!!

Yeah, yeah.. I know it's been awhile since I've last posted anything. This summer was insanely busy. OK.. I realize that is a poor excuse, but that is as good of a reason I can come up with.

So.. what has happened this summer that has kept me away for so long? Let's see.

1. A trip to Disneyland that included, dysentery, almost being tossed out of Disneyland ( my husband's fault),LA traffic accidents, serious sunburns for all, a bug bit, that made my leg swell up like a giant ham, a run in with some rowdy cockroaches, oh.. and a bomb threat.

Follow that by working at at Red Rocks Ampitheater all summer long, starting in May and going until Mid Sept; Selling concessions to earn money for my boy's various sports expenses. Out of 66 event's I worked give or take 60 of them. That's roughly 3000 hot dogs, 2500 soft pretzels and 27,000 beers. Let me tell you, that's servicing a lot of drunk people!

A bright spot in the summer was my dear daughter turning 5!!

The boys started back to school. Thank GOD.

Oh, yeah.. I still worked full time from home 40 hours a week.

Toss in some soccer/hockey tryouts aka.. sports drama, and you've rounded out the summer.

Lastly, My right arm (AKA.. mother) has abandoned me for 2 weeks, to visit a friend (my dad)in Texas. Leaving me to do all the daily household duties, that normal Moms deal with on a daily basis. AGH.....

But, alas.. my world is slowing down, and I now have the time to post a lot more frequently.. and you can hold me to it.