Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Growing In Unity Day 3

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion Wednesday is the Canada Goose of the week. It has no real urgency to move anywhere and it hisses at you when you need to get a move on. Like the goose, Wednesday has the ability to fly on by, yet it stares at you with lots of indignation while it stands there daring you to hit it with your car. You know if Wednesday had the ability, it would flip you the middle feather. Yep, that’s Wednesday.

There are two good solutions for getting through today. Cocktails and looking at pretty things. I can’t pour you a cocktail, but I can give you something pretty to look at.

I combined two sets to make this creation.  I don't know about you, but I love the confetti dots!

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Color blending on Bristol paper to create background.  I then stamped, colored, and fussy cut another  girl. I added dimension by using foam tape to raise focal image.

Supplies Used


  • Neenah Exact Index 110 lb for card base
  • Strathmore Bristol Vellum 110 lb
  • Misc. Patterned Paper (unidentifiable)


  • Versafine Black Onyx Pigment Ink
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink- Picked Raspberry, Peacock Feathers & Wild Honey
  • Zig Clean Color Real Brush- Light Blue,Haze Blue,Yellow Green,Turquoise Green,Peach Pink & Brown
  • Mijello Misson Gold watercolor paint- Burnt Umber
  • Uni-ball Signo- White

  • Elmer's Tape Runner
  • Scotch Foam Tape
  • Eyelet Outlet Enable Dot- Silver Sparkle

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Growing in Unity Day 2

Hello. Hope your Monday didn't kick you in the lady parts too hard yesterday!  Monday is a cruel mistress and if anything, Tuesday is your neighbors yappy- yappy dog!

To give you a reprieve from the incessant barking that being an adult brings, here's a little Unity creation to keep you focused on what is important.  Some finely crafted red rubber stamps of course!

I've been really trying to master the one layer card lately.  Is it laziness or a sincere effort to making simplicity look effortless? I honestly don't know at this point.  My inspiration is a fickle mistress.  Some days she's there, other days I think she's playing Keno in Vegas.  I do know that clean and simple cards are the most difficult to master.  You can't HIDE your mistakes under anything.

(I know what you are thinking.. what's under that washi tape?  Nothing!!  No mistakes there at all.)

So, what's your perfered style of card. Clean and simple, grunge, layers, paper pieced, or just throw stuff at a piece of paper and hope it sticks?  Let's discuss!

Supplies used:
  • Unity Stamp Company- "Birdie Conversation" 
  • Strathmore Bristol vellum surface- 100 lbs
  • Tim Holtz Distress ink.  Seedless Preserves, Picked Raspberry  Salty Ocean & Peacock Feathers
  • Versafine Onxy Black pigment Ink
  • American Crafts yellow & white baker's twine
  • Mijello Mission Gold watercolors
  • Bazzill Basics "Bazzill Purple" card stock
  • Patterned Paper: Teresa Collins- "Family Stories"
  • Neenah Exact Index 110 lb card base
  • Eyelet Outlet enamle dots-teal
  • Scotch Post-it notes for masking
Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for some Unity stamp prize!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Growing in Unity day 1

Welcome to my Growing In Unity week.  Remember to comment every day and you will be entered into a drawing for a Unity prize pack!

Supplies Used:

  • Unity Stamp Company Out On a Limb  If you hurry it still may be on sale!
  • Canson 98 lb Mixed Media paper
  • "Wonky Rectangles" die set by Gina Marie
  • Zig Clean Color Real Brush
    (Yellow Green, Geranium Red, Pale Gray,Shadow Mauve, Olive Green, Haze Blue, Light Blue)
  • American Crafts red &white baker's twine
  • Bazzill Basics Paper- "Buttons" button
  • Polka Dot washi tape by The Paper Studio
  • Patterned Paper:"Stationery Noted" by Teresa Collins
  • Gemstones by The Paper Studio ( I colored them using Copic marker R27-Cadmium Red)
  • Black cotton thread
  • Craft card base measuring 4 x 5.5
  • Tombo Xtreme permanent adhesive  
Any questions, please feel free to ask! 

Thanks for joining me today.  I hope you come back tomorrow for some more inspiration and craft chat.

Hello Unity Stamp Company community member.  Welcome to my Growing In Unity week.  A little about me before we get started with some crafty inspiration.

I’m Annie, I’m a Unity-aholic ((Hi Annie)). I’ve been a cult member, uh “Loyal Customer” since 2012.   I currently hold the record of 5 purchases in one month before my husband gives me the stink eye for spending too much $$ on stamps. He never says anything, but I so get the “LOOK”.  You know the “LOOK”.  It’s the one your mom gave you when you told her at 7pm you needed a shoe box the next day for school.  That LOOK.  I love Unity, so the guilt only lasts until the next sale.

I’ve been stamping since 1995 and have a sizable stash of Non-Unity stamps and I really do like those too. But, I still feel like I’m cheating on the Unity Company when I use them, so that’s weird.  Not as weird as say, putting mayonnaise on your peanut butter sandwich weird. But odd in regard to the growing level of obsession, uh loyalty, yeah loyalty I have cultivated over these stamps these past few years.  Why is that so odd you ask? Well truth be told, if I had to pick between giving up one of my 4 kids, or giving up Unity, I’d have to write down a pros and cons list. #unitywinsoutmostdays.

This is my second go around as a GUI girl.  The first time was terrifying as the opportunity sort of landed into my lap at the last minute.  I never felt worthy of the honor.  I still don’t. What can I say that you might not know? Or produce what you’ve never seen a resemblance of before?   I’m not terribly creative.  No specialties to speak of. I haven’t mastered any one technique or medium.  I don’t really have a particular style of card making, unless you consider throwing enough stuff on piece of paper until your besties tell you it looks tacky is a style.  If it is, then I’m at an expert level. I am the queen of the “girl do you even know what you are doing?” look.  Also, known as “Princess Happy Accidents.” I think it’s because Bob Ross and I were cousins in a former life. I digress…  But, upon some reflection, I do have some unique advice as a Growing In Unity Girl that you may find very useful.

I’ve been able to surround myself with a quality Firm of girls who are my guidepost to creativity. Each with their unique style and eagerness to tell me when I lay down a stinker of a card. They are also there to boast my creative genius or to simply brainstorm.  You need those type of girls in your creative corner. If you want to be a better stamper, artist, paper crafter surround yourself with people that push you. They should encourage you to be better, to try new things, to expand your skill set.
My best friend is so dang talented I want to smack her with a wet ink pad most days. She’s the kind that just pulls awesomeness out her butt in blink of an eye. She has true vision. She’s so good you leave an angry emoji at nearly all her creations. She has vision that I just don’t have.  But, she’s the one that I go to when I’m stuck. The one that offers a solution that takes my card from simply “meh” to “ok, I’m not ashamed to show people this one.”

I’ve also been lucky because I found a couple of my girls on the Unity Show & Tell page. I wasn’t searching them out in a stalkery crafter on crafter way. Because, that would be super creepy.  They sorta landed in my lap.  They each bring their own unique talent and creative perspective to the table. More inspiration to soak up like a stinky sponge. They also enjoy a fair bit of hijinks on and off the Show & Tell page.  You love to hate their masterpieces day in and day out. You too secretly wish their inkpad would dry up.  You know you do.

These kinds of women are the secret to a successful career as a paper crafter/card maker. They are the key to really mastering this creative outlet.  I encourage you to find your own tribe of women who push you.  Be jealous of these women, compete against these women, listen to these women. But most importantly, cherish these women and you will see your creativity bloom. Your people are here in this community. Find them and devour them up like a freshy baked Krispy Kreme donut, just don’t put mayonnaise on them.  That would be weird.

If you made it through all of that nonsense... you deserve a medal.  Anyway... on to the real reason you are here.  CARDS!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The long absence

I won't lie.  It's been some time since I posted.  I have been a very craft girl of late.  I just forget to post anything here.  I mean, who really is following this blog anyway?  I never hear chants of  “Where's are you Annie?" Or “Where’s your amazing creations?”  First of all, those would be really-really bad chants  And second of all I make second rate cards at best.  Easily to forget.  But, hey- it keeps me out of jail.  So, there.  Here are a few cards for your amusement.

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