Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Spread Happiness

Do you ever get stuck in a rut?  You feel like you are making the same card over and over again?  I feel that way these days.  I'm stuck in the "Oh goodness that is so cute" rut.  I'm not sure I'm ready to move out of it either!

Today's installment of "OGTISC" (I'll let you figure out that mnemonic device) is a card featuring Mama Elephant's "Up We Go"


  • Mama Elephant- Up We Go
  • Strathmoore Bristol Vellum 100 lbs
  • Card Base- Berkley Square box cards by The Paper Studio
  • Memento Tuxedo Black
  • Copic Markers- R20,R21, R22 Y02,Y04. Y08, V01, V04, V06, BG000, BG01, BG02, W5
  • Signo Uni Ball- White
  • Lawn Fawn Stitched Square
  • Heart Washi by the Paper Studio
  • Teal Doily by the Paper Studio
  • Deco paper by Queen & Co.
  • Clear sequins by Darice

And the Oscars go to.... Oh wait, that's a different prize.

The results have been tabulated and the winners of the Growing In Unity prize packages are.....

Before I tell you, I just wanted to thank you all again for the kind comments you all left on my blog.  I so gratefully appreciate you taking the time to play along with my shenanigans.  When it comes to card making, I like to keep things light.  I mean, none of my cards are going to land in the Louvre or anything. So, lets have some fun while we paste & color.  In fact, I do believe most of my cards will eventually be used as a make shift dust pan at some point.

What do you think happens to the cards you send to people? Refrigerator masterpiece, or dust receptacle?

Seriously, it's all about the creative journey right? My idle hands will be found around someones neck if I don't keep them busy!  I encourage you to keep yourself busy by continually developing your creativity. No better way to improve but to be inspired by other GIU and Unity Show & Tell members.  Check them out too!

Back to the GIU winners.  Wait... Did I tell you about my cat?  Oh, I don't have a cat!  Fine. The winners are:

  • Denise Beard
  • Bernie Juracek
Congratulations!  Please send me your addresses and a Unity Stamp Co prize package will be mailed out to you soon. You have 2 weeks to claim your prize! I ain't got no time to hunt you down. Babes better be claiming their stamps!   So,  email me at lsterner35@gmail.com  

Friday, February 2, 2018

Growing in Unity day 5

Well, the week has just flown by quickly hasn't it?  Unlike those bless-it Canada Geese I was talking about yesterday.  Most annoying bird IN THE WORLD.  I almost hit one yesterday on my way back from the LOB. A gaggle of them just standing there in the middle of the street...  looking at me like I'm in the way. ((deep breathing on my part). I moved closer with my car thinking they'd get the hint. But, NOOOO. They moved further into the street!  I honked, and I definitely saw one of them flip me the middle feather.  I ended up yelling out the window  YOU CAN FLY YOU STUPID STUPID BIRDS!  Finally, I just proceeded forward and figured if I hit one of those suckers, good riddance. As soon as I got close enough to look into their beady eyes, they hopped out of the way. Hopped Out Of The Way. notice I didn't say FLY?!   ((silent screams).  I was in such a good mood too!! The Lob always brings warm and fuzzy feelings.

Speaking of the LOB, have you folks checked out your local store yet?  Lots of clearance items. What's your favorite LOB (or any other big box store) purchase of late?  I don't know about you, but I always look like I'm casing the joint when I go in there.  I proceed directly to the paper crafting section. No stopping to look at the wall decor or fancy geese figurines- screw that.  (I'm still bitter, sorry). I then go methodically down one side of the aisle and then up the other. Evaluating all the yummy goodness the Lob has to offer.  Filling my basket along the way.  I then b-line it over to the clearance section, back to the stamp section, then meander over to the jewelry department, then proceed onward to fine arts. After that, I get the nagging feeling that I have missed something AWESOME and I work my way back to paper crafts. Every visit, with out fail.

I know you will  think I'm crazy, but every time I go in there, I hear an announcement calling a Code Pink for Carl.  I think Carl is the eye in the sky and he's being told to re-direct the camera on my pockets! I'd never tarnish the sanctity of the Lob.  But, it sure feels like they suspect shenanigans from me.  Maybe it's because I'm always digging in my purse for my wish list, or my phone.  That's not suspicious is it?!   again... I digress....

What does any of this have to to with my Growing In Unity Posts?  Nothing... absolutely nothing.  I was just trying to alert you that Hobby Lobby is starting to clearance out some paper crafting supplies and you should take a look.  I found some paper doilies in various colors for $.75 a pack!! (Happy Dance)).  It felt almost as rewarding as when Unity Stamps go on sale!!!   Oh, look... I had a correlation after all. Go Me! I hope you have a wonderful day and a crafty weekend!

Now on to the show

Today's project is more of a fun art piece that you could put on your fridge, or maybe hang up at your at work in your depressing cubicle.   It's a measures in at a whopping 6"x11". I'm sending this one to a friend who needs some support.  She may choose to line her bird cage with it.  I hear she likes Geese!



  • Mijello Mission Gold- Bright Opera, Yellow Orange, Ivory Black, Indigo & Peacock Blue  
  • Zig Clean Brush Markers- Peach Pink, Pale Gray & Flesh Color
  • VersaFine Onyx Black
  • Signo Uni-ball White
  • Strathmoore 300 series Watercolor Paper- 140 lbs
  • Scotch Blue Painters tape to mask off the boarder
  • Silver- Black Velvet 300S #12 & #6 round paint brush
It's been a ball playing with you girls this week.  Please remember to leave a comment on the ol' blog to be entered into a drawing for some finely crafted red rubber Unity Stamps!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see more of you on the Unity Show & Tell Page. I'll be the one with my sassy pants on! Feel free to throw me an angry face every now and again when you see something you really like!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Growing in Unity Day 4

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night wide awake thinking about all the crafty projects you need to get done and then stressed yourself out?  Me either... last night was definitely not one of those nights at all. I woke up refreshed and perky.  My sassy pants clean and pressed.

I do know this week is flying by.  I can't believe we are on the backside of my GUI week of crafty goodness.    (Backside... see the reference?  Dang I'm funny)

Today's distraction in all things single layered is another one of Unity Stamp Company's Itty Bitty Line.  I'm not one to brag or anything, however,  this butt is so stinkin' CUTE.  I wish my behind made you want to pinch it!


  • I used my Spellbinders die as a stencil.  I die cut a piece of paper and saved the heart shape to use another time.  I then used the negative piece as the stencil.  Works great and it extends your supplies!  
  • TH Distress Oxides- Wilted Violet, Peacock Feathers & Wild Honey
  • Versafine Onyx Black
  • Mijello Mission Gold- Ivory Black
  • Zig Clean Color - Pink & Shadow Mauve
  • Strathmore Bristol Vellum 110 lbs
  • The Paper Studio- Kraft Cardstock for the card base
  • Tombow Xtreme
  • Banner- Sizzix Big Wish die & Stamp Set
  • Ranger Distress Sprayer (for water application)- not to drink out of or anything
  • Enamel Dots-green