Friday, February 8, 2008

Bandwagon Jumper..

The mail boxes are so quick and easy to alter. Had to give it a go. Especially since I binged, and bought like 7 of them!

OK. For my first attempt, I'm happy. But, hoping to "kick it up a notch."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Font Thing How To

So, you got The Font Thing up and installed on your computer. Now what.

Well, here's a great tutorial, already typed out for you by Kathy Smith.
I'll copy and paste it for you. But it came directly from her site Here. I'll go ahead and add a few screen shots for those of you who need visuals! Please email me if you have any other questions.

ETA: My opinion. When downloading and installing fonts. Extract your files to live in the Font directory in your C: Drive--> Windows-->Font Folder. You don't need to move them anywhere. The Font Thing looks for fonts in this file first.

Click on the pictures for full view

Making "Collections" In The Font Thing:
1. Click on the "Collections" tab

2. right click in the top white box
3. Choose "New" from the pop-up menu

4. Type the name of a grouping you want to create. I've made the following collections, but you can choose your own (you may even want to have an "unknown" for fonts you can't place right away, but can come back to):
Calligraphy, Ding Frames and Buttons, Dings, Famous, Fancy, Foreign, Fun, Graffiti and Grunge, Holiday and Spooky, Kid Print, Learning (like for teaching kids to write), Music, Object Letters, Print, Script, Western.

5. Continue doing the same until you have all your categories listed.

Uninstalling Fonts and Making "Collections":
1. Click the "Browse" tab
2. Find your new font folder that you moved everything (except standard windows fonts) into
3. If you originally had installed these fonts in your windows/fonts folder and had to move them, they have been "installed" on your system. You now can decide if you actually want them installed (they'll always come up in your programs, sometimes jamming the program) or if you'd like to just use them when you need them. If you'd like to keep them "installed", just skip over #4.
4. Select all of the fonts in the new folder and right click. Choose "Uninstall" from the popup menu.


Adding Fonts to "Collections":
1. Select the "Sample" tab for viewing your fonts
2. select the first font in your list
3. Can't really see it, can you? Increase the size of the font at the bottom to a much higher number (around 48 is good).
4. Right click the first font, "Add to collection" and choose which collection you want to add it to.

5. Go down the list and add each one to a collection (don't skip over any or you'll forget to add them to one later and will forget about that font completely...this is where that "unknown" collection I mentioned earlier comes in handy.
6. Now your fonts should all be organized! You can click on the "Collections" tab and click the collections to see how you did.

Downloading New Fonts:
This is just a note that might make the process a little easier...make a sub-folder in your new font folder for "New" fonts that you still need to add to collections (to make it even easier for yourself, you can make sub-folders for each category under the "new" fonts folder you just added and download the fonts into the appropriate category). Only unzip fonts into those folders after downloading so that you don't forget to add them to a collection. At this point, it would be easiest for categorizing them later if you write down the new font names and what category they are in. Move them into your new "fonts" folder. Then you can go into "browse" and find the fonts, adding them to collections.

How to Use Fonts:
1. Now when you're looking for "just the right font" you can browse your collections and sample the type that you'd like to see how it will look.
2. When you find "the right font" that you want to use, right click on it and choose "load" from the popup menu. This will allow you to use it immediately, but will automatically unload it when you shut down your computer...keeping your installed fonts to the minimum.
3. If there is a font that you use ALL the time (ummm...Scriptina comes to mind...) that you always want available without having to load it, just right click it and choose "Install". This will keep it installed on your system, ready to use at all times until you choose to "uninstall" it.
4. Remember:

Uninstalling a font from Windows/Fonts folder will permanently delete it from your system...
Uninstalling a font from any other folder will only remove it from the "installed" list, but is still accessible!

Text Samples:
You can always type in whatever text you'd like to sample, but some text we use more than others (like our names) and want as a permanent text sample to just choose. Another text sample I'd suggest is the standard "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog" done in all caps, and done in all small letters since some fonts are only one or the other. I usually use it as a combination...the same sample with half done in small letters and half in caps.
1. Choose "View" in the top menu
2. "Options"
3. "Text Samples"
4. "Add" and Type!

The Font Thing

OK, I lure you to my website with the love of all things font related. If you must know the truth, I am trying to rule the world by clogging one computer at a time with fonts.

So, I've been found out. A request has been made to provide an easy way to organize these bad boys.

Well, here you go:The Font Thing

Easy to install follow the instructions.

I'll post my favorite categories after I do a few screen shots to help you out with the initial set up.

Scrap out.. dorks

It's official.. I am a Wackadoo

Ok, so you already deduced that on your own. But, hey... I found a font to confirm it! BWAHAHAHAHA KABOOM!

HERE'S THE WACKADOO font for you!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I've been tagged...(again!!)

So, I have to list a few things about me that you may not know.

1. I have "feet" issues. I don't like walking on grass barefoot. And I never ever go to bed with dirty feet. I like to shower at night, or at least, I wash them off. Ok, a bit odd I know.

2. I drink nearly a gallon or more of water a day. Yum. My favorite drink

3. My mother is my biggest champion. She supports me through everything. God I am luck to have her around.

4. I seriously am addicted to scrap stuff. Clear stamps, rub-ons, chipboard, and bling are my latest obsessions.

5. I am tattoo-free, Smoke free, piercing free (except my ears)

6. Gold Canyon- Birthday Cake is my favorite candle scent. Makes me so hungry.

7. I've been trying to eat healthier since the new year. I've lost 6 pounds. Ugh.. it's hard.

8. At the end of the day, I read the confessions from the to my girlfriend. Some of them seem fake, but I bet most of them are true. Oh, and I have posted a confession or two myself.

9. My husband and I spoil our children. They don't mind! LOL

10. I'm amused by people who gripe because they have nothing better to do. (ahemsmackgirlsahem)

who to tag... who to tag....I'll get back to you on that.

A peek into my scraproom.

Oh, the joy of re-organizing my stash.

I had my rub-on collection in a "rolly" cart. But the drawers were only 12x12. Unfortunately, quite a few of the rub-ons are larger than 12". Grrr.. why do manufacturers insist on making products that we have no organization for?

Anyway? I re did my stash, and oh, how it makes me happy.

I bought file jackets to sort my fonts into colors. These babies hold a ton! You only see what is too big to fit length wise into the file folders.

OK, so I have a rub-on fetish. Why doesn't Making Memories come out with new fonts and colors? What's up with that darn it!

I wish I could say that these are all my rub-ons. But, nope. Just the fonts and a few accents. The sayings and phrases, are stored elsewhere.

Link me to your stash.. would love to see them!