Monday, February 4, 2008

A peek into my scraproom.

Oh, the joy of re-organizing my stash.

I had my rub-on collection in a "rolly" cart. But the drawers were only 12x12. Unfortunately, quite a few of the rub-ons are larger than 12". Grrr.. why do manufacturers insist on making products that we have no organization for?

Anyway? I re did my stash, and oh, how it makes me happy.

I bought file jackets to sort my fonts into colors. These babies hold a ton! You only see what is too big to fit length wise into the file folders.

OK, so I have a rub-on fetish. Why doesn't Making Memories come out with new fonts and colors? What's up with that darn it!

I wish I could say that these are all my rub-ons. But, nope. Just the fonts and a few accents. The sayings and phrases, are stored elsewhere.

Link me to your stash.. would love to see them!


  1. Wow that looks great!! Wanna come do mine?!! :)

  2. Look at all those yummy rub-ons! You know, if you feel as though you have too many, I will glady take them off your hands ;)