Friday, January 18, 2008

big daddy lens

You may not know this. But, I'm a sports photography nut. I take nearly 500 pictures a weekend of my various kids playing various sports. I take some for our local soccer and hockey associations to use on their websites. Mostly, I take them so the hub can use them in his sports stories he writes for our website, or even to appear on the online edition of our local newspaper.

Anywho...for Christmas, my DH purchased my new kick butt-big daddy lens. Cannon series EF 70-200mm F 2.8 pro series telephoto lens. This baby is super fast. Now, I have to convince him, I need the new Cannon 40D or 5D to make it sing.

In any regard. It puts my other lenses to shame. Walk around with a lens this big, people think you know a thing or two about sports photography. (Livin' the lie baby.. livin' the lie!)

LOAD #18:

Journaling reads:
Why no, I'm not over compensating for something.

Note the veiled attempt at humor, by the addition of the clear man symbol. That was Noel's idea.. blame her!)


  1. Dude, all you need is a pick-up truck with a jacked-up suspension and huge wheels and your set!!!

  2. livin' the lie, huh? and yes, i'll take credit for the big man symbol... but the camera angle is ALL YOURS! love it! :)