Friday, January 4, 2008

My new and "improved" scrap space.

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately when I sit in my office/scraproom. Perhaps it's the fact that I actually have to WORK WORK in here that caused an uncomfortableness everytime I walked in here. That happens to everyone right? My instinct says it was because of the pressure my supplies where having on my subconscious, "USE ME, NO USE ME" or that sad pitiful sound they made everytime I walked out without scrappin' a thing. "Oh, Why haven't you played with us for EVERRRRRRR? snif snif Pleease play with us today!!". Worse than a whiny child. Ok, maybe it's the fact that I actually think my scrap supplies talk to me. Which, uh.. they don't. Regardless the actual reason, I was feeling overwhelmed when I walked into my office. I finally decided it was just the "VISUAL CLUTTER" that made me feel closed in, when I walk in here.

So, last weekend, I decided to do something about it. NEW STORAGE! Woo Hoo! After about 9 back breaking hours of screw tightening, nail hammering, supply moving, and a bit of cursing, my room transformed itself into something soothing and mojo inspiring. A place that I find comfort in once again. I still don't want to WORK WORK in here, but I do want to actually scrap again. It has once again, become a place to rejuvenate my creativity. A Scrap Dorks Home with in a Home.

Sorry the pictures are a bit dark.. My light in here is terrible, and I didn't want to break out the ole' tripod to make the camera work to my advantage.... so there.

This is a picture of what my storage looks like, from sitting at my desk.

The big cabinet right inside the door is full of 81/2x11 papers and miscellaneous paper packs. Black drawers on top of cabinet is all ribbon.

All Chipboard baby! A girl needs that close at hand.

Shoe rack holds Cropper Hopper Embelly drawers, My frequently used punches and some blank stationary. The glass jars from IKEA fit great there. They hold stuff that actually needs to be put away. I plan on moving the jars as soon as I find a cute rack.

Ok. Please note, I built this cabinet the day after I built all the others. I originally wanted it to store my multiple printers. But, sadly they didn't fit. Any who. I thought I was being super smart, thinking, heck.. I don't need to read the instructions, I built 5 other things. I have this process down pat. YEAH.. Brilliant idea. NOT! I'll fix the handles one day... maybe. It's my reminder that I'm not perfect.. It holds my sewing machine, and all my stamp pads

Stamp paraphernalia. I think I need a few baskets to make finding the right stamp pad easier.

Yeah, this wall is a bit much to look at. But, it's functional Top shelf, various stamps t hat I don't use all that often. Next down is my plastic envies full of stickers and rubons all organized by theme. I also store my extra photos here.
Following that are chipboard. and in the little box is MM tools. Magnetic Stamps, Instant Setter. Shelf below that is more chipboard. Do you see a common component to this storage? Chipboard is a necessity! Green containers below that are all clear stamps. They are full. I need another one. Clear envies next to them are all alpha stickers. Lastly, the next shelf down is all stamps. Clear, unmounted, wood mounted. There is one more shelf next to the floor, but we wont go there~ Foam stamps and junk really.

Last cabinet contains my die cutting essentials. On top is the Cricut and in that weird little nook are my Cricut cartridges. This room use to be a bar room circa 1975,hense the groovy green shag carpet. Hippies were "inventive with their design", so much so they added nooks in odd places. But, perfect for my cartridges right?

Said die cut essentials. One shelf has my photo printer. Not ideal place as it's about 13" from my desk, but I can squeeze into that space just enough to get what I need.

So, that's it. This is where I spend a good 10 hours a day, working and scrappin. Who am I kidding, scrappin' and working.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice work!! love what you did with your space!

  2. Holy cow, you have so much stuff. I'm totally jealous. Found your blog through Creating it. The Polly Pockets entry is great.

    I can be found at

  3. Your scraproom looks great.... I love the cabinet with the handles artistically placed...It adds character to the cabinet... Ya meant to do that didn't ya??>>>


  4. I like the handles the way they are. You should keep them that way!! :-D Great scraproom!

    CKMB 4 Ever!

  5. Love what you've done with the place! And I agree....the "mis-matched handles fit your personality to a "T"...leave 'em alone!

    Love ya!