Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm not smarter than a 2nd grader

My youngest son Benny asked me to download a few songs on to his I-pod a couple of days ago. Being the dutiful mother I am, I first listen to the songs, then if approved, I download them. For those of you with I-Pods, know that all you normally have to do is plug the darn thing, and away you go. Well, apparently not this one.

So for two days, I tried to turn the darn thing on. The first day, I was convinced that the battery was dead. So I let it sit plugged in. On the second day, still nothing. I was bound and determined to get it to work again, so I quickly hit the Help section on I-Tunes. I diligently followed all the advice the experts had to offer. Still nothing.

By yesterday afternoon, my frustration had turned to anger. Thinking that my 7 year old had just trashed his I-Pod.

Preparing to contact tech-support, Benny walked into my office, and asked if his IPOD was ready. I told him, no it wasn't. I then began to question him as to what actions he took to cause his music player to fail. The following is our exchange:

Me: "I think your I-Pod is broken Benny, it won't turn on."
Benny: "Mom, did you push the ON button?"
Me: "What ON Button?"
Benny: "This one here. See Mom, it works fine."
Me: "Oh..."

Man, I feel so defeated to be out technolized by a 2nd grader (yeah, I know technolized is not a word.. but I need to make big words up to validate my intelligence again)!!

So, here's my page to memorialize my stupidity!