Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My boy..

Growing up, I always imagined myself married to some Adonis of a man, like Rick Springfield, Fonzie, or if I was lucky, Kenny Rodgers(insert eye roll here), or if I was REALLY lucky, I would latch on to one of the members from Toto, Men at Work, or better yet Journey. With all their glorious hair do's and talent (OK.. maybe not Rick Springfield or Fonzie in the talent department, but you get my point) I never ever gave thought to their personalities and how they were as REAL people.

(Hold on... let's wait for those who are trying to figure out by my references how old I am. I know I just aged myself. I was a shoulder pad wearing, feather hair toting, 80's girl. That puts me in my thirties. Ok.. late thirties. So, put away your quackulators, and get back to my story.)

Now looking back at age thirty-cough cough.. none of your business. I would have never guess that I would find myself married to my best friend. A man who has wonderful traits. A funny, wickedly smart, loving husband and a kind father. The truly sexy qualities, that make honest, loyal, caring men so darn irresistible.

But, on the flip side, he's also a real person, who has characteristics that would drive even the Pope insane. He's extremely messy, stubborn, resistant to change, incapable of watching a romantic chick flick with out inserting smart ass comments evenly dispersed throughout all the teary eyed moments. Unwilling to wash a dish, or pick up a dirty sock, unable to.... I digress. (Sorry got on a little roll there.) My point is, he's not perfect, he has the same idiosyncrasies that make us all human and works in progress. But, those "frailties" is what I find most sexy and genuine about my man.

Long ago, I heard a quote that I really stuck with me. "It's not despite their frailties that you love someone, it's because of them."

When life with this man I call my husband becomes difficult, I rejoice in his sometimes obstinate nature, because he is all mine. Thick and thin, through laughter and frustration, good and bad.. mine all mine.

And I am his. All his.


  1. sweet is that?!!! sounds like you got yourself a real winner there daisydo - and like he got himself one too!! great page you man chasing booze hound!! :)

  2. ScrapbookingPrincessJanuary 31, 2008 at 10:28 AM

    Aaah, I love it. You DH sounds just like mine and that quote will be perfect on an SB page! Thanks for sharing that.

    Oh, and btw, I'm an 80's chick too, in my, umm 30's! Let's just say thirty-something, and call it even.

    Jen aka ScrapbookingPrincess

  3. Are you sure that we're not married to the SAME man?? And I was teased for wearing shoulder pads with t-shirts!!! the 80's rocked!!! (I had to comment after jumping in from CK messge board) thanks for sharing, Darleen