Friday, March 14, 2008

"Just Good Enough"

My great friend Noel, has a saying.. "Sometimes, pages don't have to be good, they just need to be good enough."

Well, this is one of those pages. Let me tell you why. The picture itself, is just awful. The kids are cute, but the overall composition is horrific. What genius at Lifetouch decided that navy blue marble was the background of choice? And I won't even go into the positioning of the kids, or the crap in the background. I know this picture was only eight bucks.. but come on. These are supposed to be "professional" pictures.

I think given what I had to work with... I am happy with this page. It's not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. But, it is done, and I scrapped a page today.


  1. I like it! I have a few school pictures with everyone posed like that and no border at all. Interesting that they add those now. I think you did a good job with having the blue marble to work with:-)

  2. that's right honey... doesn't have to be good, just good enough. what was that challenge about a life mantra awhile back. lol!

    i do like how the page turned out. makes me want to scrap my horrific lifetouch class shots. lol!

  3. OMG! That is the same company that takes pics at my kids school, only ours are $10! They are always crappy! Get a few "Scrap Moms" in there, they'll know how to take a picture! LOL Good Job!

  4. You know what, we got the same dorky background and title from Lifetouch...I am thinking of cutting it all's horrible to work with, eh?

  5. I love the notebook paper on it. What a neat touch!

  6. Bravo to you for blurring the kiddies faces. But I don't get left all their names and the name of their school visible??? Btw, cute page!