Friday, March 21, 2008

definitely a City Girl

My kids aren't the biggest fan of the great outdoors. We live in beautiful Colorado..Rocky Moutain High; And yet.. they would rather go to the Hilton than to any mountain-anywhere. This saddens me to some degree, as I am a mountain kid. Part billy goat, believe it or not. Hubby.. would rather eat his own liver than to camp. So.. when we rough it.. it means No room service for us!

During last years vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I dragged them hiking with the promise of a glorious waterfall at the end of a "gruesome 10 minute hike, on a well maintained dirt road. After about 30 seconds of looking at Gods wonderful creation, they all wanted lunch. Not 2 minutes after eating my well made sandwiches.. they all clammored to go back to the condo-Jeopardy was on.

The most pitiful peas coming from dearest Lauren... I guess she's a city kid at heart.


  1. Love your LO...... Cute lil girl..... Sounds like you had all kinds of fun on vacation...... Always something, huh? I really like the colors and the pp........You are on a roll..... Keep the mojo flowing....


  2. what a great LO! I love the pop of color!!!

  3. Gosh...Lauren looks like such a big girl in that picture. Nice job, Annie...