Thursday, March 20, 2008

7 & 1/2 Ben

I rarely hand journal. I now realize why! My handwriting is terrible. If you haven't figured out yet. I'm sure I'm just being too self critical. But, my "designer's eye" wont let me take my eyes off of my poor handwriting. Oh well. another page done and in the book.

Journaling reads:

Benny, You are too cute for words. That face, those eyes, your smile, Oh the freckles upon your nose. When ever we go anywhere the first thing people say is, "Oh, my goodness, Isn't he just adorable!" I smile and agree wholeheartedly, But, really you are so much more than an adorable face.

You are amazingly funny, happy, tender, absent minded, inquisitive, quite, innocent, respectful, determined, ornery and gentle.

Everything a 7 1/2 year old boy should be.


  1. That is so cute! This turned out great :)

  2. great layout! I really like how you mixed the written out number with the numerals, great touch!

  3. Great page!! Your son is just too cute :) I don't think your handwriting is as bad as you think. At least yours is readable!

  4. Hey Annie,

    Great LO... Love the colors.... I like you handwriting... I like the way you have it.. cute picture.....Like the flourish and Ben's name, chipboard?

    Don't sell yourself short.... Your LO's are always great....You have a good eye for placement and color....


  5. Aww..that LO is sweet!! Your handing writing is great.

  6. I like how you extended the word embellishment out with your handwriting too, and all the inking is fab. Most importantly, you captured a 'snapshot' of a time in his life. What a gift...

  7. Nice got "the look" going on, girl. Love all that you got going on, and yet..totally cohesive. That's the sign of a good scrapper.

    oh yea...and a cute subject like that, don't hurt either!

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