Friday, March 28, 2008

Goodbye dear sweet Flat Joscie.

Flat Joscie. You will be missed. Head and hands to the scrap heavens.. I pray that my Mr. Mojo isn't too in love with you girl.. that he packs his bags and leaves to follow you around the country!

Here's my omage to you Flatty bomba blatty..

Journaling reads:
Flat Joscie spent a marvelous two weeks in Colorado. She hit it off big with Mr. Mojo. They became fast friends. During the day, she hung out with me and Mr. M. at work. She even helped us lay a new font mine for the All Moments Remembered message board girls! At night, we scrapped the evening away. I know I channeled her voluptuous counter part, Joscie, as I have never been more inspired to scrap.

Flat J. was impressed with all the scrap joints around here. On our last day together, we hit most of the local scrap stores. (Names). If you hustle, you can hit all those places in about an hour.

My hope for you Flat Joscie is to have some wonderful adventures, where ever you go.


  1. love, love, love how this turned out! you rock the dork factor with taking joscie around. :D

  2. That page turned out very cute. Sounds like little Joscie had a blast!

  3. I love the page you made for joscie!! Looks like you had fun with her too!!

  4. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!! I am glad to see Flat Joscie had to much fun in Colorado.

  5. You are the sweetest and wittiest! I absolutely love your layout/journal entry! and I appreciate you being such a gracious hostess!