Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yet another reason I'm a dork...

Today, started off like most others. My bed was shaking. Not a normal start to the day, but not unusual either. DH was up early, frantically trying to pack before he leaves on yet another business trip. Somewhere in his brain, he thinks it's OK to try and pack on the bed, as I'm snoozin' away. Inadvertently he is shaking the bed every time he tries to crams something else into his suitcase. "Oh, what's that honey? I woke you? How'd I do that?" Never mind... Yet, one more reason I love my husband. He's an inconsiderate procrastinator. Oh... don't be all shocked, you think about your husband in ways similar to this from time to time. They are terms of endearments more than anything else! {Cheeky Grin}

So, where was I. Oh, right, my day. Being a full time work at home mom, my clothing choices are on the "relaxed side". Usually shorts, jeans, cropped pants, t-shirts. Normal SAHM attire. Nothing too raggedy. Today, same thing. My all too comfy camouflage crop pants, grey t-shirt, grey hoodie, ankle socks. Oh, and I have ponytails today. If you just said to yourself, "What is she thinking? Ponytails? At her age- OMG!!" I know I know, I can't pull it off, but what the hell. This is what you get on a bad hair day...Ponytails. Besides, who's gonna see me anyway?!

That last comment... "who's gonna see me anyway" is just Karma mocking me. KWIM?

Here's where the dorkiness comes in. Because my hairdo took a little effort to pull together, I'm now in a bit of a rush to get the kids to school on time. As I'm headed out the door, I don't see my new grey/silver tennis shoes that match my runway outfit! With no time to find them, I grab the nearest pair of shoes I see. My HUSBANDS work shoes. WOW, some vision I am. Make-up less woman, wearing BIG black dress shoes, white ankle socks, camo pants, grey t-shirt and hoodie, on an those all important piggy tails. Classic beauty aren't I?

Thinking to myself,"no one will see you, put them on just in case something happens and you have to walk," I head out the door.

Yeah, well.. why does Karma poke you on the back, and say... "Think again, lady?"

As I get to the school drop off area, one of the mom's catches my eye, and calls me to her car. Dork that I am, forget I have on hubby's shoes, hop out of the van, only to then realize I have on "wing tips"!! Embarrassed, I just clop across the street in big man shoes. Seriously, I looked like a little kid playing dress up. The woman, noticed my shoes, and giggled.. "Oh, I've had days like that!" Yeah, thanks for the pep talk! What do you want lady? My humiliation isn't enough of a gift for you? She then reminds me about the birthday party my eldest has been invited to. "Yeah, yeah, he'll be there." As I'm about to turn to head back to my car, she says, "Oh, I think you have a little toothpaste on your lip." I bend down to look in the rear-view mirror, and sure enough.. big splotch of dried toothpaste on the corner of my mouth. Some sight I am!

I deserve a Karma sized kick in the ass. I know I do. The reason escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure I do. I realize that everyone has days where life gives you a bit of a lesson, proves to you what a big fat dork you are. But, somehow, my dorky day rotation seems to hit more frequently!


  1. You are such a great writer and so dang funny!

  2. Well, then, that makes two of us! I wore pig-tails to work one night (you can get away with all sorts of stuff when you train dogs :-)-LOL!)but mainly just to mortify DD!!

  3. I stayed in jammies today and wouldn't you know it all my neighbors stopped by for something!
    Looks like a fun blog glad I stumbled acrossed it.