Friday, October 12, 2007

A day in the life on a Message Board.

Had a confrontation with Ms. Lee Scraps yesterday. Never met the woman before! Not sure the motive. Must be nice to be able to talk out both sides out of your butt.

My proof...

First off, she accused Sara (Gotscrapz), and I of being bullies, being confrontational, and ridiculing. (Post in question was pulled by CK moderators..mmm wonder why?)

So, instead of calling her out on the MB like she did to me. I sent her a PM. See below:

Original PM on CK:

Bulling, contempt and ridicule? REALLY?

Excuse me? Where did I do that? Show me in writing where I ridiculed you? To be honest, I have no idea who you are, so why would I even show any disrespect towards you? The only contact you and I have had, is over the scrap survey ScrapperChick posted. It was obvious that CK removed the bulk of her comments she attached from the smack board. Thus my response to her, seemed out of context.

I understand your line of thinking and with out those comments, my response to SCRAPPER CHICK seemed harsh. I appreciate your comments, trying to clarify why I asked the questions I asked. As a fellow members stated, CK pulled those comments, not her. Besides the point, I have every right to ask why she felt that way and question if she believed the same way. She has every right not to say a darn thing. That's called a conversation. Please explain how an exchange of ideas is considered bulling or confrontational.

She has the right to publicly post those comments as do you. But, make no mistake, I have a right to publicly question them. They are opinions. I respect an adult exchange of ideas, absent of name calling, grammar checking, woman bashing behavior. Perhaps she may convert my opinion to hers. Perhaps my opinions may change the way she thinks. That's what adults do. We debate, and argue, and possible change our views. We may also agree to disagree.

I'm also certain, I have no idea where you get the idea we were ridiculing you. Did you say or do something that warranted such behavior by either of us? Can't say that you did. So, I'd be curious what actions on our part gave that impression. Please enlighten me, as I'm certain, I would apologize.

Furthermore, I in no way was attacking you, or calling you a TROLL. I'm fairly certain, I responded to Gotscrapz tread about some Halloween paper and nothing further. Any assumptions made that we were discussing YOU is your sole responsibility. I'm sorry if your impression is that we dislike you. I'd have to know you to make that judgment.

I think if you were to step back, gain a little perspective of the overall tone of the message board, perhaps spend a little more time, getting to know the bulk of the ladies on the board, you will quickly come to understand our true intentions.

Lastly, if I were to venture a guess, the reason why our comments have not been removed and yours have, is because we have not violated any terms of usage set by CK. I have a long standing history on this message board, and am fairly certain my overall reputation on how I treat people, MB veterans, newbies, everyone will stand for itself. I believe the moderators have a firm grasp on how I respond to individuals. Otherwise, I'd have been given the boot a long time ago.

If I could offer some helpful advise. Perhaps your frustration should be directed towards the moderators, not me. I understand you are passionate about your opinions, but maybe you need to learn to rephrase them so the moderators find them less inflammatory.

I'm sincerely sorry if you feel your feelings have been stepped on, I know Sara or I would never be malicious with our intent. In the future, if you have specific concerns about my behavior, I kindly ask you to bring it to my attention. I am more than willing to discuss your issues like an adult, absent of name calling or ridicule.

She responded:

I am in a conversation with Brian right now and I don't have time for you.

You may try these tactics with other, less informed members here but I have watched you for well over a year and I am well aware of how you work.

I do not need a lecture on etiquette or behavior from you. The day that I do will be cold one in, well, you know.

I have no desire at all to understand you or any of your message board friends. Not now, not ever. You need to stay away from me and I will do the same for you.

So, I responded back to her:

Curious. If you wanted me to ignore you, why the public bashing? I don't know you..I offered my a hand in good faith to rectify the situation. Don't accept- ok.

But, please don't use my name in future posts. The message board can accomodate all opinions. I welcome any future ones you chose to share!

All the best~

And then she said this...(scary eh?)

Daisy, I am attempting to figure out how to "ignore" you. If you don't want your name used in future posts then do not reply to mine. If you do not want your name reported to Brian or the alleged moderator then don't try you bullying practices with any of my friends.

I do not like people like you. I never have. Do not even attempt to tell me what to do. Trust me. Even if they ban me today you will not have heard the last of me. :wink

After we had this exchange, she posted to the Warning thread CK posted.
Very odd.

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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:55 am Post subject:


Is there not a way to stop people from harassing you via PM!?!?

Is there an "ignore" button someone in the Private Message area?

Can someone help me please?

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Joined: 18 Sep 2006
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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 9:30 am Post subject:


I have forwarded those PMs to Brian Tippets and others at CK Media. One member here has apologized, another has said that after I forwarded them she would stay away from the boards until the mess was cleared. Another and I have made an agreement to simply avoid each other on threads under the agreement that she never PMs again.

Given those circumstances, and the fact that I cannot turn off the PMs, this is the only way to legally handle them

I will not share a "private" message on a public forum. These women know who they are and what they did. The administrator and Brian Tippets know who they are.

I cannot imagine why you would need to know nor why I would feel the need to share them here with you or the people at the smack board just to prove a point. I am not that type of person and have nothing to prove to you. Once two parties have reached a settlement the issue is resolved.

As far as I am concerned, unless I hear from one of them again, this matter is closed.

A few things to make note of. In one sentence she states she doesn't want anything to do with my friends or the message board, but then in the next breath, posts this..

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:44 pm Post subject: I, too, would like to apologize.


While I still believe that CK is responsible for the errors and I strongly believe that the entrant who cheated should be held accountable, I believe that my actions over the last day has been disruptive.

I have a rather strong personality that is often more suitable for court, my past profession before semi-retiring, than for a message board and I apologize for my dogged determination here.

While I won't fit in with your happy all the time mentality, I also do not wish to rub you the wrong way either. I am just a scrapper.

So, with that, I apologize. But, please, I really don't want any PMs telling me to come to the happy side - LOL!

Followed up by this...
Thanks - I promise my deleted posts weren't too bad either! :wink: But I can get very passionate as you can imagine and I will probably stay after Brian...

But I do apologize and I will try not to "ruffle feathers."

BWAHAHAHAH.. No her deleted posts didn't insult me by calling me a condecending, ridiculer. no, not too bad. Guess it's all about perceived perceptions.

Funny how she says she doesn't want to post them on the CK site, as she wanted to keep them private. But more than willing to try and post her "nasty" PM's on the smack site.

Anonymous said...
Lee scraps....can you post the threatening PM's?


I'm working on it. I have two of them copied in my word doc from this morning but right now I am trying to figure out if I am having a glitch in my computer or if I have been banned.

Do you get an e-mail when they ban you?

October 11, 2007 5:11 PM

Such is a day in the life on a message board.

Bizzaro World!

Why I love the smack board... you tell it like it is girls!!

Originally posted on the CKMB:

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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:07 pm Post subject:


Coming from someone who misunderstood what daisydo once said, She is just asking questions, creating discussions, stating her opinion. When someone misunderstands her or think she is totally out of line she will explain herself. I do agree that it seems both her and Luv2talks post receive a lot of views and responses but that is because people value what they have to say. there is no need to personally attack her. I have interacted with both of these ladies and they have no intetions to bully anyone out of her.

Thank you daisydo for what you add to this board.

Their comments on the Smack Board
Give me a break!!!! The only reason their posts get alot of looks is b/c the shepple cannot live w/o knowing what they have to say. Respect? I can speak for many and say that is not the case. Many of us feel like Luv2annoy,Daisydon't, and NoSoyJoy are more of a nussance than anything else. Thanks to this dimwit, their egos have been affectionately stroked. BLEECH!

Thanks DaisyDo for being annoying as hell!

Peace out scrap dorks signed~
Annoying as hell Daisydo!
(Move out of the way, my ego is too big to get out of this post!)


  1. I am sorry, but what in the hell is going on with that MB. Seriously, it is just getting too weird and has been getting on my nerves, big time!!!
    I choose to stay out of the loop.
    Sorry that you are dealing with all of this though.

  2. Sorry that you had to go through all that BS! I've been avoiding the site for a few days because it's too much drama for me. And i have a hard time keeping my mouth shut... so i stay out of trouble when im not on the boards :)

  3. Dude! I go out of town while hubby redoes the bathroom and all heck breaks loose. I finally have some dial up and am trying to figure out what is going on.

    I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty much better off not knowing! LOL!!!

    Just wanted to say...miss you!!!


  4. No worries ladies. Some people "present company excluded" can't understand how someone can have a sense of humor about things. Always taking things personal. It's all ok. I can "spar" with the best of them! Hugs girls! You are the best!

  5. Good Morning again Daisy!!

    Simply Unbelievable!! After I saw that smack board, I couldnt believe it.
    Thank you for being so kind to me!! God, with my Anziety attacks, who knows what the heck would happen to me if I were ever listed on that board, I think I'd end up in the hospital!!

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