Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Change..

I've decided to allow anonymous posters to comment. As long as you are not using foul language, you are free to make your thoughts known. I reserve the right to delete the comments, well that I don't like. My blog, my rules! LOL.
Well, post away my new found friends!


Rachel said...

I don't know if I need to hide in the dark. Do I????


Daisydo said...

Oh sweet friend... I think I can handle the things you say. It's really for those "critics" who seems to have the need to post my entire blog over at the other website. I figure, I'd save them the hassle and let them smack me here! And the upside, those that matter to me can get a good giggle out of it.

Rachel said...

Love the idea! ;)

Kelly said...

Hey, chickie! :-) First time posting on your blog. :-) The picture you took is beautiful.

Catch ya on IM one of these days!

jan said...

Good Morning Daisy

Thought I'd come by for a visit and I'd never post anonomosly, DOH, cant even spell it!!! HAHAHA,

Have a great day!!