Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Smack Attack.

I recently found out that I was a current subject of a scrap smack board. For those of you who are clueless about what a SMACK message board consists of, It's a group of sad, pathetic, lonely, bitter, undersexed, pathetic.. (oh, I know I said that one already, but it's worth repeating),lame people, who have nothing better to do, but to try and verbally abuse the things in which they do not understand. So, given their limited brain power, they basically try and harass everything. Bitch about what I do, call me names, yeah, I'll run and hide, forced into giving up posting on the message board. Good plan. I think it may be working!

Because, ALL of the smack ladies, neither have the talent, ambition, or motivation to participate in something positive, they choose to bash those that do. I pray for their children! They must be some serious parental role models! Just bitch bitch bitch. I'm sure a few of the older kids have already jabbed a hot poker in their ears just to keep from having to hear their mother's voices!! Crying.. please make it stop!

Ironically, the websites "motto" if you will, discusses the right to free speech and how it honors every opinion. But, what I find most amusing ,is they will turn on one another within this little whacked out group if they dare express an opposing opinion to what ever they are currently bashing. Oh, speak freely only if you think the way we think! Oh, and only if you want to bash that in which you do not have the ambition to participate. It is a smack website, that's what we do!

Well, being the particular bait for this little feeding frenzy this week, I have come under the "attack" of their little shark group. It has been their attempt to insult me by calling me names, scrutinizing all grammar and vocabulary choices I have posted on my personal website, as well as the message board in which I frequent. How sad, they have the time and energy to spend time harassing someone who could give a crap. They even resorted to calling me a lesbian! Ouch! No.. don't call me a girl lover, that would ruin my credibility with my friends and family. No, don't try and use real humor to denigrate me. That would be too difficult a task.

My biggest mistake this entire weekend, was to respond. Why did I do that? Well, I just wanted them to know that all the comments they post I find hysterical!! Oh.. "Daisydog has rabies". Good one! "Daisydon't come around no more we think you are stupid." My particular favorite insult.. was calling me "Dumber" from the infamous duo "Dumb and Dumber!" Ooh, no.. I may cry to my Mommy for that one. Stop!Please be nice to me! Sniff Sniff.. (tear) Oh, Brother..

To give them credit. They do come back with some good one liners in response to anyone that has an altering view point."FU!" Oh.. that took a comedic genius to come up with that response. Or.. "Did you just drop off the turnip truck lady?" Now, I bet all 10 of them had to conference on that response.

What someone really needs to explain to me, if a hobby is so painful, why participate in it? Why visit a message board where everyone drives you crazy? Why Why bitch for the sake of bitching? Isn't there something more productive they could be doing with their time? Oh... wait, this is their hobby! To be miserable. But, more than likely, they are just to damn lazy to get up out of their chairs and walk away from their fingerprint stained computer monitors and actual develop real memories or friendships. To actually invest in something that may have an actual impact on improving their lives. No, all they have time to do is drink Diet Coke and chain smoke. Bark orders from the sweat stained office chairs at their offspring. "Now Bobbysue, I said, open the box of Hamburger Helper right this minute! Don't forget to use tap water instead of toilet water on the noodles or I'll tan yer hide. And when you are done, bring Mamma's her hemorrhoid cream!"

Well, post on girls. I'm loving the unintentional humor you produce every time you post! To stupid to understand that you are the brunt of your own joke!


  1. wooooaaaa momma!! I didnt know you had a blog!!!! Hi! :)

  2. Oh my continue to just crack me up!! I love how your minds reminds me of someone...oh yeah...ME!!! Anyway, keep up the good work!!

  3. Hey scrap dork! Love the blog!!! Glad to hear you smacked them back. And yes they are pitiful! What sad, lonely lives they have.

    Keep up the blogging! Gonna add you to my list so I remember to visit.


  4. Sorry you had to deal with people like that - I just found out people recently did that to our site too! They need to just get a life! So I am with you, they need to grow up! :)

  5. lol well we should ban together, I was also on the lovely charming blog. A friend actually phoned me to share the good news. lol
    UM What did I do you ask? I posted using MY REAL NAME>....why to show the ignorant idiots that I can.
    I think they might have been school yard bullies as they hide behind the ability to post anonymous.
    Hugs to you and keep your chin up they are not worth the time of day.
    Matter of fact, I have a scrapbook site and a monthly ezine that is 1 year old and I got a ton of hits due to their posting it on there lol.
    NOBODY with a brain takes anything they say on there serious.

  6. people are awful when they don't have to be accountable for their actions. i was just informed i was part of a smack attack. i kept wondering why i was getting all these horrible comments on my blog. thank you for saying all the things i wanted to in response their junior high behavior.

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