Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm offensive and I don't care!

I have one real question. Is there a new class out there called: "I’m Offended and I'm Gonna Tell You All about It 101!"?

Lately, I've come across so many people who have received an A+ in that class. I think some have taken the Masters course! This mostly applies to those that read online content posted on some message board somewhere.

So many of my friends have been receiving negative feedback on something they have either done or said that has caused someone, somewhere to be offended. The thing that is most surprising is the complainers are all STRANGERS! People out there in the world, so put-off at something you did, that they perceived it as a personal attack on their character. So, much so they felt the urge to complain! Not a friend who knows you, but some random person who's made assumptions about how you converse that they take offense to your tone and word choice. Even though they have no idea what your tone may be because they've never met you.

Ms. Tight Ass' sole mission in life is to make it known that she doesn’t find you funny. She’s not even interested in why you find it humorous, or the back information behind your story, and why it could be considered funny. All that she cares about is making darn sure you understand she finds you obscene! She's not even defending the opposing viewpoint behind the subject matter in which you felt the need to comment about. She's some goody goody lady living 1500 miles away, stashed in a hole somewhere, making judgments on the things you say and do. She also is hell bent on making you alter your behavior to her standards. And if you don't do what they want, they are going to continue to be disgruntled until you either give in, or flat out tell them to go F themselves.

(OMG, she's offending all people who live in holes!! NO, pal. Just the one lady who lives in a hole and wants to bash me for some good natured bantering about some benign subject.) Uh, Boy.. Go ahead and laugh-you know it's true! People behave this way all the time. OK, maybe you shouldn’t laugh. I make take offense to it.

Good example. A friend had a recent request to change her avatar. Someone wanted it gone. Banished from her sight. Did she know the requester? NOPE –just a random busy body lady. Did the stranger give her an adequate reason why it should be removed? Nope. The lady couldn't explain the meaning behind the picture of the avatar to her young daughter. So, instead of saying, "Sorry honey, I don't know what it means", this person figured it best to get it removed from all consciousness!! Then had the nerve to complain even more reverently, when she was told "No". Besides, we’re not talking porn here. It’s an innocent picture of a famous singer. How is that offensive?

Oh, hey Kim, while you are at it "I don't like the squiggly lines next to your message board name. Will you change that for me too? Oh, and would you mind moving because, I don't like your house, I find the color offensive" How's that for brass balls?

I guess my point is... Why start out looking to be insulted?. I'm quite certain not everyone shares my sense of humor. But, just because you don’t get the joke, it’s not an insult on your intelligence (or lack thereof), or a blatant attack on your sensibilities. It means you don’t find me funny. Just because you don't like what I do, doesn't give you the right to ask me to alter something to suit your tastes. Just because you don’t giggle, it doesn't mean that it's not humorous to someone else . Oh, and by they way, it’s called freedom of the legs. If you don't don’t like what I say, walk away, and go read something you do find more to your satisfaction. I’m not evil, or inappropriate. It just means you and I have different opinions. That's OK. But, you can damn well be certain, I’m not going to complain to you about it! I have no desire to make you conform to my standards! Geez, people. Accept that people like different things and move on. Oh, and while you are moving on, how about stopping by the sense of humor store, and pickin' you up one!

Life is so much more enjoyable if you can laugh at it!


  1. Life is so much more enjoyable if you can laugh at it!

    Can I get an "Amen"?!! You said it!!!!! Sheesh! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more!I don't agree with everyone or expect everyone to agree with me in my own house, let alone an anonymous public forum - ie, message board! But you don't see me cryin' about it! Geez! If I don't liek someones post - I just don't respond to it - if I dont like the poster- well I stop reading that persons posts - problem solved! A few days ago after my computer had been down for a week or so I posted that I missed my MB friends whom I didnt find any posts from (didn't even name names)I joked that they found a new mb and left me behind,and someone posted that I was alienating others and was rude, blah, blah? I was shocked, but I jsut chose not to respond - so what if she didnt like my joke ? Well I guess teh moderator didn't like her "personal attack" on me cus she pulled the thread.... I just laughed, as I was like now you can't post anything that someone out there might not like? heck if I post a layout and someone does like it - will they ask me to delete it ? lol... wth? really....
    btw Annie, I think you are very funny... but if I didn't, I wouldn't expect you to care ... lol!