Monday, September 10, 2007

My normal Monday night...

I purchased my laptop for the sole purpose of digitally scrapbooking while waiting for my kids to do what they do. Sports. Either games or practices. Lots of waiting around. Not useless time spent, but these activities puts my passion on hold. In today's digital age of wireless Internet and high speed access, I figured, why not. I can scrap and watch the kids practice. Hockey is great because the rink has free wi-fi!! Not in the scrappy mood, I figured I'd jump on the blogging bandwagon. Who says a mom of 4 can't be trendy. So Here I sit.

Some things to ponder... Why do they make bleachers so uncomfortable? You'd think with the extra butt padding I'm carying around, I could tollerate the hard plastic. Well, think again. I now have little no skid grippy outlines pressed into my tookus. Thanks Bleacher Boys, that sight will be a great turn on for my hubby later. Last thing.. hey Mr. Figgity Dad, STOP WIGGLING AROUND-typing when you are in a cold ice arena is hard enough. I don't need your squirm-in legs making matters worse.

Well enough Daisydo ramblings.. more to come later.

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